To exchange money in Mallorca at a fair rate now is easier than ever! 

We are a little family money exchange office based in Mallorca since the 1972’s and we’ve always focused on making our clients get the best times by offering the best money exchange.

We have two offices located in Magaluf, near Magaluf beach, and one office in Palmanova, we know how hard it’s for you to find the right money exchange office in Mallorca. We want you to have the best currency exchange possible, we’re a serious money exchange office in Mallorca working since 1972 and we believe in being fair,
the time has not changed us but made us more loving and caring, we want to be fair with you.

If you’d like to visit us, you can find your nearest office in Magaluf or in Palmanova and ask the services available in each office, such as money exchange in Magaluf, exchange money in Palmanova, Rent a car to see Mallorca, dinner shows to have fun, excursions, tickets on sale, boat trips… and many other great activities that will make your staying amazing!

You’re only one step closer to enjoying your dream holidays! And all with fair currency exchange in Mallorca, we are loyal to you.

Money Exchange Palmanova (Nova Exchange)

Money Exchange Magaluf (Quick Exchange)