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Money Exchange in Mallorca

Exchange Rates
Current rates july 23

The exchange rates are subject to variations

Cotizaciones validas a 23 de julio



GBP 1,14 1,16
USD 0,88 0,89
CHF 0,99 1,00
SEK _  _
NOK _ _
DKK _ _
CAD 0,64 _
AUD 0,58 _

*GBP + 1000 – USD & CHF +1500 

About Mallorca Exchange

currency in magaluf pounds

Best Money Exchange Since 1972

Best rates without any commission, top client's choice.

With mallorca money exchange you will get the best currency exchange rate in town, because we don´t charge commission.

Feel welcome into our offices and explore our rates meanwhile you're exploring and planning at the same times excursions in Mallorca!

currency in magaluf

3 Money Exchange Offices in Mallorca

Available services in our offices:
-Money exchange
-ATM 24 h.
-Rent a Car
-Boat Trips
-Tickets on sale
-Jet Ski Rental
-Rent a Boat
-Rent a Bike

Magaluf Money Exchange Office
(Quick Exchange)


 Av. Magaluf, 6, 07181 Calvià, Balearic Islands

Phone: 971130282

Open every day

From 9:30 to 21:00

Palmanova Money Exchange Office
(Nova Exchange)


Calle Duc de Extremera Nº3 local 9 Palmanova.

Phone: 971683929

Open Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 21:00

Saturday and sunday 9:30 to 14:00 and 16:30 to 21:00


Avinguda de l’Olivera, 3, 07181 Magaluf, Illes Balears

Phone: 971131484

Office temporarily closed.

Oficina cerrada temporalmente.

Why Should you Exchange your Currency in Mallorca with us?

To be fair and honest with you, the reason we call ourselves the best money exchange office in magaluf is simply because of great feedback from people like you! 

From 1972 we’ve open our first office, and after that, because of you, we went growing and growing step by step, and we went into making the best possible to improve our currency in magaluf.

Our main focus on our exchange office in magaluf is to keep you happy so you can come back again in your currency exchange near me office!

Why Mallorca Exchange as your Main Office in the Balearic Islands?

Well, mainly, because we will always make sure you’ve the best offer for your foreign exchange in Mallorca, dolars, pounds, swiss francs…

We’ve been making our best to keep on offering you the best currency exchange in Magaluf and in our money exchange Palmanova office, we try always the best in all our offices around Calvià in Mallorca.

We’ve learned in the past that clients must be treated like family, so when you come tu our office, we will welcome you and give you a warming treat like family does.

Money Exchange in Magaluf & Palmanova - Things to Consider

Money Exchange in Magaluf & Palmanova - Things to Consider

Have you ever took a trip into a foreign country just to find yourself lost because you didn’t locate an office?

Truth is, this does happen a lot more often than you may think.

When you find us you’ll have the chance to remove that painful possible experience and you’ll know you’ve just made the right choice by coming in one of our offices located in Calvià.

We are not only going to help you with your exchange and to get the best rates possible, but we will also make sure to show you all our other services like excursions, boat excursions, the option for car rentals… and much more money exchange & currency exchange opportunities!

Where to find our office now is easier than ever, all you need to do is click on some of the direction maps we have or give us a call and we’ll be more than glad to get in touch with you!

Remember, you’re always welcome in our offices in Magaluf and Palmanova, your fair money exchange in Mallorca now its possible.

What Currency is used in Majorca?

Magaluf and Palma Nova are part of the island Majorca and the currency used here is the euro (€). Magaluf is as well known for holidays destination, and in a place like Magaluf, in Palma de Mallorca, you clearly need cash in your hand and a fair exchange rate to get the most for your money exchange to plan in advance all your activities!

Currency Exchange Mallorca Offices and our Currencies

In our currency offices in Mallorca in Calvià (Magaluf and Palma Nova) you can find all these currencies, and you can message us for any other currency you may need.

  • Pound (£)
  • USD ($)
  • CHF 
  • CAD
  • AUD
  • PLN
  • CZK
  • HUF
  • YEN

If you’re looking to find the best Foreign exchange rate in Mallorca you can find it in Av. Magaluf, 6, 07181 Calvià, Balearic Islands. Working with money exchange in Mallorca since 1972 we’re able to get the best deals with the banks, and hence, to offer you the best exchange rates in Mallorca.

To find a great currency exchange Mallorca office in Palma de Mallorca you’ll just need to get to one of our offices like in Av. Magaluf, 6, 07181 Calvià, Balearic Islands or to call to our Phone: +34658600039

From our experience, it is best to use Cash in hand, because when you’re using card to pay you’ll be always paying extra fees. Also, it’s more comfortable, because if you go to a place and all they accept is cash, you won’t be able to pay them.